Training Solutions for High Threat Environments


Tactical Pistol - Level 1 Private Course


Sept 5, 2020

Angeles Shooting Ranges

Eagles Nest A

12651 North Little Tujunga Canyon Road

Lake View Terrace, CA


 MASKS, SANITIZER  AND 1 OR 2 PAIRS OF GLOVES ARE                                                                 REQUIRED 


We hope you never have to use the skills we teach you, but if you own or are considering purchasing a firearm for your safety or that of others, you need training. Should you ever have to legally engage a lethal threat to yourself or loved ones, training coupled with consistent practice will give you the edge needed to win.

This class will teach you to become a safe and confident shooter. 

We cover the principles of safe gunhandling and the techniques and procedures of tactical shooting including, marksmanship, and combat accuracy, handling weapon malfunctions, target aquisition, reloading under stress, and shooting, moving and communicating. We will also address legal issues and emergency gunshot wound care.

Individual Fee: $500.  Includes range fee. 

Private Group: $250 / person (minimum of 3 people)  Includes range fee.

Refunds are subject to 15% processing. fee.

Please read our cancellation policy on the website application form.

Minimum age is 18 and U.S. citizen. ID is required

All major credit cards accepted

Please Fill Out Registration Form When Signing Up

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Semi-Automatic Pistol or Revolver

Holster With Retention / Magazine Pouch / Belt

2 or More Magazines or Speedloaders

250 Rounds Ammuntion (No Steel – Wolf Etc.)

Eye and Ear Protection

Boots / Long Pants or BDU's ( No Shorts)

Face Mask

Hand Sanitizer

2 Pairs Exam Type Gloves

Sunscreen / Bug Spray

Water / Snacks (We like to shoot more than eat so there will be a 30 min working lunch break.)

We will have a few guns for rent. You must advise us in advance. Rental $20

You are responsible for the ammo. See notice below.

                    BUYING AMMO IN CALIFORNIA 

If you are a first time buyer you will be required to present

1.Valid ID.

If your drivers license says Federal Limits Apply or you have not made an ammo or handgun purchase since 2014 for rifle or 1990 for handgun:

You will also need a current passport or your certified birth certificate.

$19 for eligibility check.

Note - The background check / approval can take 10 days or more before you can purchase. Plan accordingly.

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