Training Solutions for High Threat Environments

Custom Personal Security Training for Civilians

SERT Group International offers a variety of customized training for clients that require privacy and discretion.

We will design a proprietary system of armed and unarmed self - defense and personal security options to your specifications.

Courses can include: firearms training, hand to hand defensive tactics, emergency medical care, threat observation and deterrence skills and home defense tactics utilizing state of the art firearms simulators. Custom at-home training will allow you to experience the reality of defending your actual environment should the unthinkable happen. We will discuss and demonstrate avenues of escape, communications, necessary supplies and safe room options. 

We also offer training for travelers, women's self-defense, and other security options.

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TWAW  Defensive Tactics Class

This class is about training you to deal with an attacker.

Level 1 - Beginning with a brief presentation we will cover threat identification, situational awareness, OODA loop options, and escape and evasion techniques. You will learn street effective combatives, striking techniques, firearm retention and access, and how to identify and use weapons of opportunity. Reality based scenarios will include lethal or less than lethal options. 

Level 2 - For those students that have taken TWAW Defensive Tactics Level 1, this class will address the next level of defense using more advanced techniques. We will address multiple attackers, basic defense against knives and guns, very close quarters attacks and more. Reality based scenarios will test your awareness, decision making and appropriate use of force.

Date: Feb 15 - 16, 2019
Location: Oddfellows Hall

1831 Howe Ave.,

Sacramento, CA 95825

8:00 Am

Note: Active Membership in TWAW Chapter Will Be Verified


Comfortable clothes or workout clothing.


Notepad / Pen

Training / MMA Type Gloves (if you own a pair or can get from Big 5 etc.)

Water / Snacks

Level 1      

Friday Feb 15    

Registration Required


Level 2 Advanced 

Saturday Feb 16