Training Solutions for High Threat Environments

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Civilian Tactical Training - Beginning and Advanced Level Classes

When faced with a violent situation, are you prepared? Your family’s lives may hang in the balance.

Prepare yourself with our armed and unarmed personal security courses. These courses are taught in Los Angeles, California or at a location of your choice.

Defense 360 – A Civilian Tactical Training Series

Always remember that you are your own first responder! As the security situation changes in the United States and overseas, we realized that a more comprehensive civilian tactical training program was needed. In order to accomplish this, we designed a firearms series that takes a multi-disciplined approach to the realities of unexpected and potentially lethal encounters.

In times of crisis, the average citizen may be the only line of defense readily available to mitigate a threat to themselves, their families, or their community. They would be the first responder. The challenge many firearms and civilian tactical training instructors face is the limited amount of time that is available to train their students. These time limitations often force instructors to abbreviate or omit valuable information that may normally have been included in a longer course.

A lot of people, outside of government or law enforcement, simply do not have the time or finances to attend multi-day courses. It goes without saying that a solid practical understanding of the basic fundamentals in any aspect of training is essential and should never be compromised for any reason, but at the same time we feel that other essential skills needed in a high-threat situation can be incorporated into a firearms program from the beginning. To meet that challenge we have developed the Defense 360 series.

Defense 360 is not about shooting as many rounds as you can into paper as fast as you can, nor is it about who has the best or the most gear that you, as a civilian, probably would never use in your normal day-to-day lives. This series is about giving you the ability to effectively make the correct decisions and to take the appropriate actions necessary to safely negotiate a successful outcome when facing a hostile situation.

Civilian Tactical Pistol Training

What You'll Learn

We will not only train you to shoot quickly and accurately, but will also teach you when not to shoot as well as other tactics to mitigate a threat to you or your family. You will learn how to recognize potential threats, effective tactics to avoid becoming a victim, gun handling skills under stress, defensive tactics, and weapons of opportunity. As the series progresses, we will teach you home defense and travel security, emergency trauma care, criminal and terrorist mindsets, along with techniques you can practice at home to help keep you and your family safe.

These civilian tactical training courses are proprietary to very specific, high-risk circumstances that you may find yourself in. We will focus our training in environments such as: your home, businesses, vehicles, public venues and transportation, and urban or recreational areas. Most important of all, the Defense 360 series is about saving lives!

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